Football stickers

Swapsies anyone?

Aside from the vanishing magic spray, one of the great successes of the 2014 FIFA World Cup has to be Panini's Sticker Album.

With 640 stickers to collect, it's an estimated £413 to complete the book on average, assuming the collector partakes in swapsies. That statistic hasn't put people off though as 1,000 Panini employees produce 750 million individual stickers every week and, at the time of writing, 171,224,145 packs had been opened (there are five stickers in each pack) according to Panini.

So why are the albums so popular? Maybe it's the thrill of tearing open a pack - or ten - to find an elusive Honduran player, or the illicit lunch-break swapsie deals or the anticipation of seeing a ‘shiny' poking out of a new pack - either way, Balotelli will affirm, this is one beautiful example of print.

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