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National Deaf Awareness Week currently underway in the UK provides the pertinent occasion for mentioning Bespoke's association with Sound Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping deaf people in the world's poorest communities. Working on a pro bono basis, Bespoke is helping Sound Seekers to raise awareness of its projects in six African countries, where hearing loss is more common due to limited resources and sometimes ordinary infections going untreated.

Sound Seekers has projects in Cameroon, The Gambia, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia, in most cases providing the only access to trained audiology healthcare and equipment in each country. Ongoing activities include: a pioneering tele-audiology project for remote training and treatment; prevention training; helping children with hearing loss stay in school; sponsorship of a number of medical specialists through audiology training; refurbishment and redistribution of unwanted hearing-aids; and a programme of audiology care outreach to less accessible locations using bespoke HARK (Hearing Assessment and Research Clinic) vehicles.

"The Sound Seekers team does truly admirable work and it's quite a privilege to be in a position to contribute," comments Bespoke managing director Ben Dodson. "The reward for us is being part of a network delivering life-changing opportunities to people who might be isolated, uneducated, and unable to make a living. It's about helping children get in to school and adults in to work."

For further information, please contact: help@sound-seekers.org.uk


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