Sports Day

On your marks...

Last week saw the return of the annual Bespoke Sports Day. We were lucky enough to get some rare English sunshine at the peak of Boxhill for an afternoon of team building, races and serious competition! There's nothing quite like the egg and spoon race to bring out a cut-throat edge to your colleagues!

Split into three teams (along with a much needed adjudicator), Bespokeans swapped suits for trainers and limbered up to discuss tactics. As the games got underway, it was clear to see that our PR and marketing skills transferred seamlessly to this sporting environment - cheering on our team mates, organising the events and, of course, maintaining a positive outlook throughout.

It was a close call from start to finish but loads of fun, as can be seen in some of the day's photos, found here.

If our sporting efforts have inspired you, why not sign up for a race or triathlon in support of Bespoke's charity of the year, Sound Seekers? If you're interested, please get in touch with us or contact Sound Seekers directly via

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